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Cyril Page on Holiday

Welcome to the Page surname (UK) family history site. Perhaps you have someone with a Page surname in your ancestry? Were they from Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Kingston upon Hull or East Yorkshire in England? If so - read on, we might be related! We all have some questions about our past; who are we, where are we from, do we have anyone famous in the family, are there any skeletons in the cupboard? My grandfather Cyril Page (pictured left) once told me that there was a fortune in the UK Treasury for a 'Page family member' who could prove it was theirs. In my naivety I thought it was true and although I soon found out this was nothing but a romantic family fantasy, I embarked on a 25-year research programme on the family roots that continues today. (By the way - I did actually find the skeleton in our cupboard - read on!)

Page Family History

So where am I now? You can take the journey from the early days in tough rural Lincolnshire, through to the farming fens of Stow Bardolph (a wonderful name) next to Downham Market in Norfolk, through to the then growing and bustling river town of Kingston upon Hull in Yorkshire. Finally we come to rest back in a county with a rural flavour - the very pretty East Riding of Yorkshire - all in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

As a bonus, for those of you who have never visited these shores or this part of the United Kingdom, I've included some local stuff about the area for you.

Some successes through the power of the Internet - Hello Australia

A word of thanks must go to two branches of the family in Australia, firstly to the Peacocks in Perth Western Australia related by marriage to my great Aunts on the Page side of the family. Secondly to the McLaughlans in New South Wales Australia related to me (again from the Page side of the family) through the extensive Hillerby family from Lowthorpe in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Members of both of these families have contacted me having seen this site and we have exchanged much in the way of information, both on a family history and on a personal basis - it has been a pleasure to have the chance to be acquainted.

Ready to take the journey? Click the links (start in Lincolnshire) and off you go...

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If you think we are related or have common ancestors, or just want to know a bit more, then please contact me, Steve Page in Hessle, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, by clicking my e-mail address.

E-mail me northolme@hallgate.karoo.co.uk
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